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CONTACT US to qualify your calves as Sendero Cattle

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Sendero Cattle are predictable cattle. Predictability of performance drives demand for feeder calves qualifying as Sendero Cattle because cattle feeders have less production risk and can therefore price cattle based on their performance merit. Accurate genetic merit evaluation plus validated production practice reporting result in predictable feeder cattle and that is exactly what it takes to qualify as Sendero Cattle. Our seedstock breeders use genetic evaluation tools with world leading accuracy to achieve high predictability and rapid genetic improvement. The benefit of that genetic improvement is passed on to cow/calf producers through replacement bulls and heifers and then on to cattle feeders through access to more predictable feeder cattle.

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For cow/calf producers, we are looking for commercial calves to participate and become Sendero Cattle. If you are interested please contact Virgil Lowe through the details on the Contact page.

For cattle feeders, we are offering a feeder cattle performance estimation program for use in pricing feeder calves. The program is in its early stages, however if you are interested in participating now and being part of our evolution please contact Virgil Lowe through the details on the Contact page.

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