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CONTACT US to qualify your seedstock herd as Sendero Genetics


ACCURACY - The evaluations Sendero Genetics makes on cattle (bulls, replacement heifers and feeder calves) are designed to maximize accuracy. Cattle performance must match evaluations so that buyers get what they expect and keep buying Sendero Cattle.

PRACTICALITY - Breeders using the Sendero Genetics tools create bulls for commercial cattlemen. Commercial cattlemen need bulls that last, are able to travel and can get their jobs done as well as pass on superior genetic merit to their calves. 

The Sendero Genetics program balances rigorous data collection standards, stringent culling requirements and best in class genomic evaluations to create an accurate and practical program. 


For cow/calf producers, our breeders have bulls for sale. If you are interested please check out their bios on the "Meet Our Breeders" page and have a look at their bulls below. If your looking for more please contact Virgil Lowe through the details on the Contact page.

For seedstock breeders, we are looking for breeders interested in participating in the Sendero Genetics program. If you are interested in learning more please contact Virgil Lowe through the details on the Contact page.

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